PT. Oscar Tunastama


Selling switches from PT. Oscar Tunastama in Jakarta. A switch is a device that functions to disconnect the electricity network, or to connect it. So the switch is basically a connecting device or a circuit breaker. In addition to the strong current power grid, small shaped switches are also used for weak current electronic component devices.

The switch consists of two metal blades attached to a circuit, and can be connected or separated according to the state of on (on) or broken (off) in the circuit. Connection contact material is generally chosen to be resistant to corrosion. If the metal used is made of ordinary oxide, the switch will often not work. To reduce the effects of this corrosion, at least the contact metal must be plated with anti-corrosion and anti-rust metal. Basically, the button switch can be applied to mechanical sensors, because this tool can be used on the microcontroller to control the control circuit.

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